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USB Mortgages

USB mortgage division is headquartered in Birmingham, AL. We serve the entire state of Alabama and Florida. We are constantly growing to better serve the needs of our customers for both purchases and refinances by offering competitive rates and programs. For over 106 years, our personal mortgage banking service has been second to none.

Our long term fixed mortgage products may be coupled with an USB equity loan.

Mortgage Products

  • Conventional and Jumbo Loans
  • Fixed and Adjustable Rates
  • USDA Rural Development Loans

Mortgage Services

FREE Consultations

Call us any time: 205-871-7684

Getting Started

Click and print the applications and disclosures below. Sign the completed forms where indicated and mail to our Lakeshore office, or feel free to drop off at a convenient office near you. We will then send you a "Good Faith Estimate" and other documents required by law for your review and signature.


Loan Product

Talk with our mortgage professionals to select the right loan product for you.

Lock In Your Rate

You may lock in your rate at several different points after we receive your completed application. During the processing, underwriting or at final approval. A lock in confirmation is not a commitment for the loan. Once locked in, your rate is protected from market changes. (You are allowed to lock in your rate only once.)

Understanding the Mortgage Process

  • The "processing stage" - All the necessary verifications and appraisal are collected.
  • The "underwriting stage" - Once all data is gathered, the completed file is sent to underwriting. This is when the decision is made.
  • The "closing stage" - you will sit with a closing agent, the monies will be exchanged, loan documents will be reviewed and signed, and the transaction will be completed.

UnionState Products & Services

UnionState's wide range of services can make banking easier, and more convenient, than ever. See why UnionState is the smart choice for help in meeting your financial goals.

Equity @ Work! Home Equity With Us. 5.00% APR

Higher Education, Vacations to far-away places, Home-Improvements, Family Weddings, the funds to accomplish your dreams and needs, can be found in the equity in your home.

Rate: is determined by a margin of wall street prime; to be determined by credit factors. Term: 10 years. Repayment: both 1.5% of outstanding balance per month and interest only are offered. Late fee: 5% of payment or $100 whichever is less. Annual Fee: $50.00, due on first anniversary date. Advances: minimum $250. Closing Costs: USB will pay if $10,000 is drawn and maintained for at least 12 months. The line must remain open for 24 months. Interest ceiling: 18% maximum. Interest Floor: 5% Checks: Complimentary equity line checks. LTV: up to 85%. Appraisal: Certified appraisal required by an appraiser on UnionState's approved list. Rates subject to credit approval. Rates subject to change at Lender discretion.