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Home Equity Loans
Equity at Work

Vacations to far-away places, Home-Improvements, Family Weddings, the funds to accomplish your dreams and needs, can be found in the equity in your home.

Rate: is determined by a margin of wall street prime; to be determined by credit factors. Term: 10 years. Repayment: both 1.5% of outstanding balance per month and interest only products are offered. Late fee: 5% of payment amount more than 9 days late or $100 whichever is less. Annual Fee: $50.00, due on first anniversary date. Advances: minimum $250. Closing Costs: Standard Closing Costs will apply. Interest ceiling: 8.00% maximum. Interest Floor: 3.25%. Checks: Complimentary equity line checks. LTV: up to 85%. Appraisal: Certified appraisal required by an appraiser on Union State's approved list. Rates subject to credit approval. Rates subject to change at Lender discretion.