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When you bank with USB, you get it all.

We’ll always have brick-and-mortar branches. Because regardless of how technology changes our business, banking is about relationships and service. And at USB, it always will be.

However, convenience is important, too. Being able to transfer funds using your phone makes your life easier. Being able to pay a bill with a tap saves you time. So when you bank with us, you get it all: personal, know-your-name service and a handy, bank-by-phone mobile app. Go ahead. Download it now. It only takes a few minutes and we promise it will make banking at USB even better.



Have you tried our newest app? The My Mobile Money App.

The My Mobile Money app gives you control of your debit card right from your smart phone.

  • Set location alerts
  • Set interactive monitoring alerts
  • Turn off your card if you misplace it
  • Place budgeting controls over your card
  • Prevent online transactions
  • Set spending alerts and controls