About Us

In 1903 a group of far-sighted businessmen, led by J. Fall Roberson, Sr., joined forces to form a bank to serve the future businesses and citizens of Pell City and St. Clair County. One hundred and sixteen years and four generations of independent banking experience later, UnionState continues to grow and serve a broad community with twelve banking offices from central Alabama to Florida. A rare breed in today’s climate of “big is better”, UnionState has remained true to the timeless idea that “you can’t be all things to all people, but you can closely define your customers and serve them and their communities with the utmost in contemporary banking products, services, and technology.”

In community banking, stability, growth, and a good measure of consumer confidence is important. Being successful in the communities we’ve proudly served for one hundred and sixteen years makes us extremely proud and humble. More importantly, our customers have grown to depend on us and trust us to be here for their personal needs.

UnionState offers the latest in technology, such as full-service internet banking, but continues to stress the importance of personally knowing the customer with one-on-one service. UnionState can also assist its customers in obtaining a wide range of related financial products including insurance, loans, and personal investment services.