Online Banking & Bill Pay


Bank and pay your way.

Need to transfer funds, pay your mortgage, or check your balance? If you have a smartphone or computer, you can do all this and more from just about anywhere and whenever it’s convenient for you. Truth is, Online Banking and Bill Pay make managing your money fast, easy, and believe it or not, almost fun.

And that’s a big deal because your money is an important part of your life. The more you stay connected to it, the better you can manage it, and the better your life will be. It’s just that simple.

Benefits of Online Banking

For example, you can use Online Banking & Bill Pay to have your bills paid automatically every month, so you never miss a payment or incur a late fee. You can have alerts set up to let you know when your checking account balance gets low, so you never bounce a check or pay NSF charges. In addition, you can deposit* your check with a few taps in our app!

Bottom line is Online Banking & Bill Pay can save you time, money, and headaches. Best of all: it’s free!

Login online anytime.

*In order to access our Mobile Deposit feature, you must: have an online banking ID and a valid email address; be an existing customer of USB for at least 60 days or more; have no returned mail and good contact information; have no charged off accounts; and maintain daily deposit requirements and adhere to daily transaction limits. Complete disclosure is available at setup.