401(k), Profit Sharing, Retirement Plans


Let’s find the right plan for your employees and your business.

Giving employees a tax-advantaged way to save for retirement is possibly one of the greatest benefits you can offer them. However, if you’re like many businesses, your concerned about the complications and cost of designing and implementing retirement plan and profit-sharing plans.

But it’s actually easier and more affordable than you think — for just about any size company. In fact, UnionState Investments can design affordable plans for businesses with as few as one and as many as 500 employees. And, we can structure the plan to provide tax benefits for both your employees and business.

Truth is, retirement and profit-sharing plans are an excellent way to reward loyal employees, attract new talent, and provide your business with much-needed tax benefits. UnionState Investments knows how to make these plans affordable, easy to establish, and simple to manage today, and for years to come.


UnionState Financial Advisor