Legacy Planning


What will your LEGACY be?

When you’re gone, what will you leave behind? What will your legacy be? I don’t mean money, or your “estate” … what about your values? What cherished memories, family stories, life lessons, or words of wisdom will you leave behind? In my life, these are my most prized possessions – those things that money simply cannot buy. They constitute my personal legacy.


Not a will. Not estate planning. It’s Legacy Planning.

The values and goals of my clients have always been important to me. To that end, I’m offering a new service to help my clients articulate and document their “emotional assets” and/or personal legacy. Legacy planning. This means helping you express and record things like your family values and traditions, your personal and medical history, final wishes and even instructions on raising children.


Wealth means more than just “worldly possessions” …

Legacy planning can help you to define your non-material assets, and to effectively convey them to your heirs. To learn more about legacy planning (and how it surpasses a mere will or estate plan), please contact me so I may introduce you to this unique service.


UnionState Investment Services offers Legacy Planning.
This service provides resources essential to ensuring your legacy is secured for future generations. Our Legacy Planning Checklist provides a guideline to get you started.

Our team will review and discuss the necessity of the following:

• Comprehensive Financial Analysis/Planning
• Legacy Planning Checklist
• Provide reference examples of Legacy Letters for you to complete and
share with your family and heirs, Providing a lasting message to help
you define your Life’s Legacy.
• Referral* to Digital Asset Management to digitize and secure important
documents, files, photos, etc.
• Referral* to free legal documents such as:
• Living Will
• Last will and Trust
• Referral* to trusted Attorneys and CPAs (additional fees may apply)
• Free Notary Service

Everyone has a Legacy. Let us help manage yours!

* We do not offer legal services. We offer references and referrals only to assist you with legal
documentation. Additional fees may apply.


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