Backpack Buddies Community Project

Aug 8, 2017 | Uncategorized

Be a Part of the Solution! Hunger doesn’t End on Fridays!

When: July – December
Drop Off Locations: UnionState Bank Pell City Offices

Children with food insecurities commonly have low self-esteem.

No child should ever go to bed hungry! Each week in St. Clair County an estimated 5,000 children leave school not expecting to eat until they return. Backpack Buddies first mission is to ensure that NO CHILD goes hungry over the weekend. our bags provide an average of 2,000 calories per day. With your help, each child receives enough food for 4 meals and 6 snacks.

Items Needed: Animal Crackers / Goldfish / Applesauce/ Fruit Cups (in mini metal cans) / Chewy Granola Cereal Bars / Cereal / Oatmeal Packets / Grits / Chef Boyardee / Mini Meals / Chicken Soup Cans / 100% Juice-Juice Boxes / Milk Boxes / Cheese or Peanut Butter Crackers / Mac n Cheese Packets / Rice Cups / Ramen / Pudding Cups / Gummy Snacks / Tuna / Vienna Sausages

Believe there is good in the world. Together we can make a difference.

Union State Bank in Pell City continues to bless this program by allowing customers to drop off food donations for local students with food insecurity! Thank you UNION STATE BANK! The bank has a list of food items recommended for our Backpack Buddies!